Pet Photography

Hi guys, this is Bishak Dey, a photography enthusiast who would love to share some of his experiences and views as a photographer. In this blog post I’ll share some tips and experiences regarding shooting pets.
As students and amateur photographers the most common thing we love to shoot is animals. They indeed are great subjects to photograph. They are beautiful, colorful, vibrant and most of all we humans just adore them, don’t we?
But most of all people, we do not get a lot of time and also money to travel and find rare animals. So the easiest, cheapest, and a beautiful way to photograph cute animals are to click pictures of pets. And be honest, each and everyone of you have tried clicking pictures of pets’ and you love that, don’t you?

Here are some tips photographing them :

1. Be patient.
You can’t rush it, take some time at first every time when you shoot. You’ll know that hurrying and taking random pictures of pets’ doesn’t make a great composition. You have to go with the flow ease, making them relax is very important in extracting the natural pets’ personality. Give them plenty of time, and when it’s time you’ll feel confident and see it.



2. Think different angles.

Most of the people would take up the camera, stand high and take a photo. That composition would not be that  much gorgeous, I will say shoot from ground level or from really top positions.

3. Use good light.

Outside, an overcast day would be great for shooting and also the morning. Stay away from direct lighting which results in harsh shadows which won’t be that flattering. And also window lighting. Inside, always use diffused lighting with a softbox and etc.



4. Use the correct focus point.
It is advisable to use the Centre-Focus point for accurate sharp images. Focus that point on the eyes’ of the pets for correct focused images.


5. Use fast aperture lenses.

Lenses with greater F-stops are recommended for shooting animals as they can produce fast shutter speed. Also greater F-stop value will result you in blurry background which always looks stunning. I would not recommend you to use any wide angle lenses, use a normal to telephoto lens depending upon you and your subject.




Personally folks, I am more of a dog lover than a cat one. I did not find any decent looking or clean dog at that time. Maybe I will get and post some good dog portraits later on if I am lucky.

I hope you all go outside with your pets and have some fun.



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