The tasteless story of Indian Education System

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Let’s discuss about a topic which is very familiar to us all, our very own Education system. As a child I never understood why our education system was like this. This system, as we all know developed doers not thinkers. We as the building blocks of our society were told and taught that we have to get good education, in order to achieve good jobs. Why is education known to be a medium which propagates learning to earning? I agree earning is important, but why it is known as the end for everything?


Let’s recap to a little incident of mine –

I was in class ten. My board examination was knocking on the door. I had to get some books from a senior. I went to his house, he was studying integration at that time. I came to him in a desperate  attempt to make a conversation. I said, “Woah! that looks tough”. He said, “It is bhai”. So I asked him, Why you need to study it? What does it do?.  He said, “Ami janina” (I do not know). I thought he was joking so I asked him again. Then he replied, “Boi te ache tai porchi” (It is a chapter of the book that’s why). He did not care why it was important to study or why it has to be studied.

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Some years back, My Mama (Brother of my mother’s) asked me a very interesting question. We were in a middle of a conversation. We were talking about my Physics syllabus. I memorized very accurately all the laws of Newton. He then asked me, “Do you know why it is important to learn these laws?” I said no. He then counter questioned me, “After learning or memorizing, do you think with what you learned?” I felt shame I did not think . At my way back home I thought to myself why do not I further think after I studied. I came to the conclusion that the teachers and exams do not ask for extra knowledge. They only ask us to memorize and copy paste. Even better if you can cut-copy-paste. They do not motivate us to think so it becomes less interesting for us. So it becomes our job to be knowledgeable, to cultivate and to think.


 da Vinci once said – “Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes.”


Now today, after some years I came to know why Indian Education produces workers and not knowledge seekers. Do you ever think why there is such a craze for engineering in India? If a student is good at science or mathematics, their parents push them into engineering. Why not push them into the fields of research or for once ask them what they want to do?
This mindset grew a long time back. Back when British were establishing colonies in India and wanted to set up an industry in India, East Indian Company was going to be built. At first they were having communication problems with the Indians. So a man named Thomas Babington Macualay told that, we have to teach them English for communication. Then they needed workers, they needed clarks who would do what the British told them to, without much thinking or being creative. Hmmm, a job for someone else without the freedom to think out of the box or being creative, sounds familiar?

That culture still runs in India. People think earning money, having a spouse, having a family, a car and a house is the end. In past it was okay to think that money is everything because they did not have a luxury to even read a story book. When my grandmother says, “Bhalo kore por, bhalo kore taka pabi ar thakte parbi” (Study hard so you can earn a lot money and can stay happily), it is understandable. Because when she was young, she had to make dinner for 20 people. She never got to learn a thing, she never had any type of education because they were poor. At that time only the rich could have a good life and study in school. That’s why she tells me to study and earn money. I get why my grandmother have this kind of thoughts, but why a doctor also thinks that the goal is to teach their kids engineering and have a job?

This is not right, think people. Learn more, think more and be creative. There is a lot to change, a lot to make right. Nobody else will do it, we, the new generation as a whole have to think out of the box.

I feel upset. People who have the abilities to be creative, the right people who can influence good goes abroad because they do not get right resources here. India is filled with great talents but if they have to shine, they travel abroad for proper resources and freedom. Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google, Satya Nadella is the CEO of  Microsoft and Indra Nooyi is the CEO of Pepsico. India suffers a lot from brain drain. We cannot let India fall behind. We have to work together and change to be good. We can build a better ecosystem.

Leonardo da Vinci – “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”




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